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Whitepaper for merchants

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Shoppi Pay

Shoppi is transforming the travel industry, making it easier than ever to shop in every city. This community of travelers saw the need for browsing new, exciting content while connecting with the local culture of every city around the world. Their online marketplace enables shoppers and businesses to interact and purchase foreign goods, regardless of cultural language barriers or geographic location.

Purchase of vouchers

Buy rent services, experiences, and book hotels with the conversion of SHOP to FIAT directly from the Shoppi Pay App.

Rewarding system inside the App

We reward your for actions in FIAT/SHOP, rewarding comes from taking actions to suggest new companies join and cashback.

Advertising for companies

Local listing of advertisements for your products, and experiences with payments in virtual FIAT from SHOP conversion.

Subscription in FIAT to access more benefits

Shoppi Pay is a free service with a premium subscription model that enable tremendous benefits for frequent buyers:

Contactless and remote payment
Invite friends and earn new credits
Staking up to 8% on daily basis
Local shipping (if available)
Cashback with every new purchase

Grow your business with Shoppi Pay

Direct payments

With our partner program, you can get paid directly by your customers. With shoppi you are always up to date where to deliver your goods.

Efficient crowdfunding

Leverage on the community by presenting your brand, get funded by the crowd and discover the options to be assisted with your journey






1 shoppi coin = $

About Shoppi Coin

Fast Transactions

SHOP works over the Smart Chain with low fees and fast transactions.

Earn SHOP tokens

We award FREE tokens on our App when you recommend a merchant.

Safe and Verified

We verify merchants worldwide and let them accept SHOP.